Dr. Kia-Keating is a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and most importantly, a mom. Her scholarship and activism centers around resilience.


Empowering individuals, families, schools, and communities through resilience, participatory action, and human centered design.

Participatory Action

Working in collaboration with young people, community leaders, youth serving organizations, and other key stakeholders towards social change.

Programs and Resources

Providing the support, strategies, resources, and consultation to help individuals, families, schools, and communities succeed.

Amplifying Voices

Participatory programs provide a forum for diverse populations, including young people, ethnic minorities, and other underrepresented groups, to have their concerns and their solutions heard and to work collaboratively towards change.

Media, Blogs, Videos

A selection of Dr. Kia-Keating’s media interviews, blog postings, and video presentations.

Media Interviews

CNN, ABC News, Washington Post, and other interviews


Conversations about ACEs, trauma, displacement, immigration, climate change, resilience, and other current issues.


Keynote addresses, webinars, and other presentations.

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