Coming soon: Co-editing, along with Dr. Linda Juang, University of Potsdam, a Special Issue in Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology (CDEMP) onCollaborative and Participatory Research to Promote Engagement, Empowerment, and Resilience for Immigrant and Refugee Youth, Families, and Communities”

December 2, 2020: Presentation at the UCSB Resilience Summit, “Conditioning for Resilience,” University of California, Santa Barbara

February 5-7, 2020: Keynote Address at the Miami International Child and Adolescent Mental Health (MICAMH) conference, hosted by Florida International University and co-sponsored by APA Division 53 (Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology), Miami, FL

November 14-16, 2019: Presentations at the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, 35th annual meeting on Trauma, Recovery, and Resilience: Charting a Course Forward, Participatory co-design for ACEs screening and prevention in a pediatric settingand Research and Intervention Applications for a Model of Cumulative Racial–Ethnic Trauma Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Descent, Boston, MA

August 9, 2019: Presentation at the American Psychological Association, annual convention, A New Model of Arab/MENA American Cumulative Racial/Ethnic Trauma: Identity and Outcomes,” Chicago IL

May 8, 2019: Keynote Address at Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, Immigration Advocacy Event, Philadelphia, PA

April 26, 2019: Presentation at the Institute on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma, 16th annual Hawaii International Summit on Preventing, Assessing, & Treating Trauma across the Lifespan,Post-disaster response and resilience among medical providers,” Honolulu, HI

March 27, 2019: Presentation at Pomona College, Psychology Department, Ethics and Empowerment after Forced Migration: Participatory Co-Design of Programs for and with Refugees and Immigrants,” Claremont, CA

March 7, 2019: KCSB-FM 91.9 interview, Exiled, Santa Barbara, CA

January 22, 2019: Presentation at UCSB The Pacific Views: Library Speaker Series in conjunction with UCSB Reads, “Exiled: Loss and Resilience among Refugee and Forcibly Displaced Youth and Communities,” Santa Barbara, CA

January 14, 2019: NPR 88.5 interview on, Preparing for ‘the Big One,’ Irvine, CA