Prospective Students

I will be accepting new graduate students for the upcoming academic year who aspire to an academic or research career in clinical psychology. My research lab focuses on two major research strands: 1) the study of risk and resilience, and 2) prevention and intervention efforts for reducing risk and promoting resilience. You are welcome to email me to introduce yourself, but do the volume of messages I receive, please do not expect an individual response but rather, refer to the rest of the website for more information.

We receive hundreds of applications each year and many inquiries about the program, and in order to be equally fair to all applicants, I do not meet with anyone individually until the time of the interviews.  Please do rest assured that your application will be given full consideration.  I personally read each and every application thoroughly and typically look for solid research experience and a strong match (e.g., overlapping interests).  In January, the top applicants are contacted and invited for a full day of conversations and information about the program.

Most importantly, follow our application guidelines and make sure to meet our deadline.  Check the Department Website for more information.

I’ll look forward to receiving your application.

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